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Changes since my last update are..
The parrots feather and red ludwigia was just melting all its leaves. So I trimmed them both down to nubs because i was tired of leaves dropping. the parrots feather is finally in all submerged growth, and is actually a very pretty plant. the rotala is all submerged growth as well.
I don't think its rotala indica, which is what it was labeled as.
The baby guppy turned into a sort of mutt like lyre tail. Not pretty, but I have had him since he was a baby!! I'm emotionally attached. And the actual lyretail died after he jumped out the tank one day. I'm planning on getting another guppy as soon as they get them in. I really like 3 of them.
One of my cories died, but he never acted right from the beginning. From day one his top fin was always clamped down. A month or two in and he just died. I got another one and all is healthy.
I also go tthe oto two friends. Who he just ignores. He doesnt like being anywhere near them. And just forages right in front. It worked out really. Because they like being together, but hate being visible. So they clean all the parts that I can't see. And he hates being out of the light. and only cleans the parts that are visible.
Thats it really.
Adding some more crypts in and maybe some stones to creat some sort of border where the plants end and the sand begins.
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