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Well... I havent updated this in a long time.
Mainly because my growth is SLOWWWW!!!! But its ok. I want it that way. I would like to be able to enjoy my aquascape for long intervals. I ' have only had to trim the rotala once.
I did some shifting and planting. Nothing is really different. But stuff has grown in. theres now some crypt parva in front. Not alot. It just got acclimated to the tank and finally started to spread a little. I might buy a couple more pots of it just to fill it out more. The rock is still there.. But mainly to act as a buffer to my filter flow. I really like the flow if this filter, It makes the flow in my tank pretty great, but directly underneath it gets pretty buffeted with current.
I also got rid of the duckweed. Now that there's a decent plant mass I felt the need for it was gone. Originally it was there to help soak up nutrients and to shade the sand from the harsh light.
I also upgraded the light. Originally it had the bright blueish T8 bulb. I tried upgrading the bulb, but it was super super super yellow. I bought the Aqueon 2 bulb T5NO fixture. One 6,700k and one colourmax. $60 for the whole thing.
Not the best fixture, but on a tank this shallow it still produces pretty high lighting. After adding it my growth got much faster. Well Much faster than it was. My rotala has turned a lovely pink at the tips, My parrots feather shot up an inch or two, and my red ludwigia is taking on a nice reddish hue. The scape is almost done. I would like to get one more midground plant and replace the rock. But I have no idea what to get.
After that though its literally just going to be me trimming it into shape and waiting. I'm kinda liking it. The afternoon sun is hitting my room right now so I'll try and take a picture after it goes away.
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