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Originally Posted by zachary908 View Post
Great photos and fish, man! Those Long fin Roselines are sweet. Wonder how long it will be before someone starts a breeding line of them.
Thanks! Who knows, I'm sure they already have them in Asia. Those guys breed anything and everything over there. Short body this, platinum that. If you dream it, they will make it in a lab

Originally Posted by nikonD70s View Post
yeah man im searching also and couldnt find anything. never seen or heard of it before. u def have a group of special roseline. that just add more value to them in my opinion. load a new vid to your youtube man. i wanna see the roselines swimming.
Yeah they sure do! I'll have to see what I can do about an updated vid!

Originally Posted by aXio View Post
I've followed your thread on Simply. Your tank is amazing to say the least. I'm growing out some discus currently and will attempt something similar to your tank. attempt being the key word.
LOL thanks, appreciate it!

Originally Posted by fusiongt View Post
This is amazing! Your tank is simply incredible and your photography is equally so. Well freakin' done! Discus' for the win.

Originally Posted by speedie408 View Post
Thanks for the update Jose. You need to stay active and keep us posted more often.

I'm liking your roseline morphs man. You sure you haven't been dropping radioactive pellets for them? haha
Thanks Nick, I'll try to be more active I wish it were some special pellets. That way I could at least make more.

Originally Posted by jkan0228 View Post
Nice! They even have white dots instead of yellows.
Yeah! I don't even know what happened first, the fins or the dots

Originally Posted by TactusMortus View Post
Those Roselines are crazy!

Originally Posted by 150EH View Post
Nice job on the photos and sorry to hear about the Discus, thanks for all the good info on the speed light and camera settings, and the dark photo with all the shadow looks really nice and kind of draws you in to see what's lurking in the shadows.

The circuit for the LED's is so nice too, and seems like a great way have separate controls instead of just a dimmer. Ill have to say the Discus are beautiful and these guys look like they are getting ready to break out into some kind of melody. This is a nice capture with 5 Discus just lined up in a pose.
Thanks a lot, glad you enjoyed the pics and the write up.

Originally Posted by The Gipper View Post
are you still doing the daily water changes? if not, do you think the sock and ceramic noodles in sump would keep tank parameters under control
I'm doing water changes every other day right now. I haven't checked nitrates in a while, maybe I should. I just don't see having any problems because the stock is so light...

Originally Posted by orchidman View Post
cool roselines!

Originally Posted by antbug View Post
Nice update dude. As always, your tanks looks great. Sorry to hear about the 2 you lost. That sucks!
Thanks Anthony!

Originally Posted by chris.rivera3 View Post
these are probably the best looking rosalines I've ever seen...I really like the "koi-like" long flowing fins!!!
Yeah they sure are, thx!

~ Jose

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