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Originally Posted by ren View Post
On another note i found a fresh molted shrimp that has frayed antennae should i be worried about it? is there anything i should do?
Nope, nothing you can really do about it. It should look normal after a molt or two.

Originally Posted by ren View Post
update 11/7

well nothing much has happened besides the babies growning super fast! another note some eggs that were in the bubbler have hatched i counted 9. i'm sill waiting on the rest.

Anyone have any ideas for food? for some reason my shrimp dont like the give food i drop in (algae wafers, shrimp cuisine, shrimplab ) even if its a tiny piece. i also try to feed spinach bokchoy and squash every now and then.
Congrats on the bubbler working! That's awesome. If your shrimp are pooping and molting then they are eating something in the tank. It could be that there is more than enough for them to pick at on the walls/plants, or they could be eating the food you give them in stealth mode. As long as you aren't overfeeding them you ought to be fine. You can also just try feeding them regular flake fish food. I have yet to find a shrimp that won't eat it.
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