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Exclamation A "Red Neck" Neo Journal

I was doing a w/c on my OEBT/Red 10G tank yesterday and realized that I already have two different groups of PFR/RCS/Sakura shrimplets! One group of at least 6 were born last Wednesday (I think), and are clearly red tinged (< 1/8").

Then, I found a bunch of shrimpies that are extremely tiny (about 1/16"). They were scavenging on the hardscape and going in and out of the cholla. I only noticed them because of the tiny dark spot on their carapace that indicates they've been eating! I thought they were tiny scuds until I got down to their level and saw them along the crest of some stones. They are soooo small! I saw one swim to the FSS substrate, only to get rudely "sifted" by an adult. It headed back to the hardscape, kinda woozy.

I also counted at least 8 more berried moms... This tank will be exploded by the end of the month! I began culling males that are almost full adults without much red and ended up putting 6 culls in my 75G to "root hog or die!" You might say it's too late to cull the less than acceptable males, but I counted 5 more saddled babes, and one berried & saddled mom! I suspect others are saddled, but the dark/full reds are too solid to tell. I have at least 3 very red/full red males that are old enough to mate.

Oh boy, this is going to be awesome! Pictures are coming!

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