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10.5 Gallon Planted CRS, Espei Tank -- Updated 2/6 More Pics

Updated 2/6/2012:
Was getting really low flow from the Fluval G3 so I cleaned out the tubes and pipes. Took a few pics to show more plant growth (the background really filled in).


Updated 1/12, plant growth and new camera so new pics:

Macro shot of the almost inch espei rasboro:

The plants are growing well


Updated 12/9, new tank top, new poppy glass, new video of the tank in motion

It's on the second page and here is a direct link:

Video of the tank:


Update 11/20, new filter added!

Scroll down to post #11,

New Fluval G3:

Tank with lily pipes. Intake is the metal ADA Metal Jet Pipe - V1 (13mm), and the output is ADA Lily Pipe Outflow P-2 (13mm).

Fish and shrimp enjoy the new filtration (or don't care at all)

Lily pipe closeup


First post 11/7 below:

Hi all, this is my first post! I've been a fan of planted aquariums for a while now and currently have a 10.5 gallon tank with Crystal Red shrimps (3-4 generations there breeding), 9 espei rasboros, and a couple glowlight tetras which are getting old now and I haven't replenished their school because they're on their way out unfortunately.

- Soil: ADA Aquasoil Amazonia & ADA Bright Sand
- Filter: Fluval C2 (power filter, put eheim substrate in place of carbon pad, added a pre-filter sponge on it)
- Supplements: Flourish Excel (the liquid C02), Flourish Supplements
- Lighting: Archaea 36W Power Compact Light Fixture

The tank definitely looks busy/overgrown but I think it's more of the pictures... I've been thinking of re-landscaping it but right now it's been a good home for the shrimps and as long as they're breeding I'm happy.

Cover on:

Cover off with floaty plants (a bit too many at this time):

Any feedback appreciated!

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