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spent a lot of time today on the light fixture...had to go to the hardware store again to pick up black spray paint (fyi, it's illegal in the city of doesn't carry it, but for some reason Ace has some in a backroom) and ceiling hangers.

didn't get one of the anchors right in the ceiling, but it'll do. spent a few hours coating/drying the light fixture and just hung it up 30 mins ago. timer arrives tomorrow to finish the lighting setup.

now that i've soaked the wood for 72 hrs, it looks much less 'white' now compared to the dry branches i still have. almost like it was kinda dyed instead of bleached. would suggest just going with the 'natural' finish for anyone who's interested in using decorative Mitsumata branches.

anyhoo, here's the tank exactly as it looks right now. during my trim of my 56G today, trimmed out several stems of red tiger lotus...decided to plop them in here for looks. Red + white looks really nice there such a thing as a red carpet plant?

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