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Originally Posted by BlueRam
Could this be done with gravity feed too?
Kent has their AquaDoser which is gravity fed using an IV-like drip tube. I'm seriously looking into getting a few of these as I'll be going on a three week vacation in August and anything that'll eliminate my brother-in-law having to touch my tanks is good.

Based on last summer's evaporation rates I figure if I empty two 5g Kent dosing containers into my 125g tank over three weeks I'll be able to dose and top off the tank in one step. Same with using two 2.5g jugs into my 40g tank over three weeks. Using two jugs over each tank also allows me to have macros in one and micros in the other.

My trouble tank is my 20g, which isn't open top (so little evaporation) and doses using PPS, so minimal daily input (1ml PPS, 1ml Excel, and 1ml TE per day). Because I don't have masssive evaporation in this tank I can't dilute the doses and dump a bunch of water into the tank. I'll need to spend a bit more time thinking about how to handle this tank.

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