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Originally Posted by el_heb View Post
and i really want the shimmer effect LOL. But i havent found anything of LEDs and plants.

I can't upload a picture from my iphone. Once i have access to a pc i'll post one

have you entirely skipped out DIY section?

I was playing with 10W LED's 5050SMD LED's... and 3W 660nm led's...

The hard part is, constant current vs constant voltage... I am playing with constant voltage... i want to play with constant current after i finished my stress tests on the 10W.

Do a little studing... red filled my thread with a bunch of info on LED's.

But an array is not hard to make... and the LED's are fairly cheap if you get them from hong kong.

The hardest part will be trying to get your heat sink array to look nice.

But u can see here, its not hard.. very simple:

My take...

10W LED's are nice... they are super bright... however at the same time they are super HOT.
How hot? they will burn out in 5-7 seconds unless u have a heat sink attached.

Not only that they will turn a stock intel cpu heat sink HOT if u dont have an active fan in 15 min.

3W LED's are nice... i havent fully gotten a chance to play with cree's tho on a constant current driver.
12V-10W LED's wont last long especially the 10W versions (1yr if your lucky), because they draw more then 900mA on 12V = 10.8W!!! which is bascially overboosting it.
But they costed me 4 dollars each, cover roughly 2 sqr ft with intensive light.... and being able to hotswap with those disconnects wont leave me crying when one does burn out.

20W, 50W, and 100W... man.... im scared on the heat output alone on a 10W's.. id hate to imagine the 50, and the 100W.
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