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A little person trivia that was interesting, to me any how.

I joined on 12-5-2004 according to the members page.

I am member 2,161 out of 18,679 and found on page 73 out of 623

To tell the truth I was a little surprised there were that many members that came before me but the site was quite busy when I joined and you really didn't have to wait long to get a reply to your question. I also wonder how many active members there are between me and the founder, this just proves there's a lot to do here if your a nerd like me!

Edit, yes definitely a nerd or else I missed my calling as a Statistician,

lauraleellbp has the most posts at 21,362 and Hoppy has second place getting just barely nudged out of first by 8,389, talking about "let your finger do the walking" and she has only been here since 2-2-08, but she's working hard as a Moderator and doesn't even get a peanut so we should all give her a hand.

Between my sign up 12-5-04 and the beginning 7-22-02 (for 4 days there were only 4 members, too funny) there are only 42 or so active member that came before me that I would consider old skool, fishfanatic985 is the oldest paying member but hasn't posted since 09 (so use the auto credit card payment to pay your yearly dues, not) Jart is the oldest paying member that is still posting, when I say oldest I mean "been here the longest", and lots of people will disappear and be back after several years without posting.

These are a list of folks I remember from back the beginning mostly that are still active and have contributed a ton of knowledge to this hobby in this order, KyleT, Pooky125, GDominy, fishfanatic985, Buck no posts since '08, Rex Grigg no posts since '10, Jart, RobertH, GhazanfarGhori, Wasserpest, Gomer, Hubbahubbahehe, UglyGenius, Raul-7, Scorpion, SCMurphy, WolfenXXX, Plantbrain, inkslinger, ValorG, unirdna, jcgd, bHarada, Scolley, AaronT, DarkCobra, & Church, this are the people who love this hobby and have been here all along (sorry if I misspelled,etc.) and there are many more new members that have done a lot here too including some Moderators but the list is too long in the other direction. So I say congratulation to all for making Kyle's idea work so well and thank you.

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