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75G - "Hanzomori" The Forest of Hanzo - a minimalist tank - 11.18 update - EGGS!!!

After having a successfully planted 56G tank for 9 months now, I've gotten a second tank.

I've been thinking about how to scape/plant it for over a week and haven't firmly decided anything yet. At first, I wanted to make moss trees with the branches, but am leaning towards leaving them bare and just planting a carpet.

substrate: PFS from Leslie's, and some ecco-complete for that black gravel area.

wood: bleached Mitsumata branches that were ~48" as the first photo shows. I've cut most of them in-half. I've been soaking them...not sure how they were bleached, so trying to leech out anything harmful, doing water changes every/other day. you can see how much white crap has leeched out over 36 hrs between Thurs night when I first got them and this morning:

fish: planning on stocking this with some veiled white koi angelfish, maybe a mix with regular koi angelfish. I think I might get a mated pair at the next GCCA fish swap (Dec 4, so I better get this tank up planted and cycled by then).

lighting: going to be low light, inspired by darkoon's tank using the same fixture from homedepot. I'm probably going to suspend my fixture though, whereas darkoon has it sitting on the frame of the tank. either way, I'm probably going to swing by HD again tomorrow (was there today, bought the light) to pick up some black spray paint to give the fixture a matte black finish.

filtration: currently just an eheim 2215. probably going to add a second filter. trying to convince myself into getting another G6....though really, I should probably swap filters with the G6 from my 56G and leave it at that.

CO2: trying to avoid it all together for this tank...but I do have a regulator setup that's not being used for the 56G for some months now.

plants: still TBD. based on my lighting and no CO2, anyone got suggestions for a carpet? is there a plant to make a red carpet with?

11.6 update

11.18 update, eggs!

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