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Poor Mans Auto-Dosing

*** Final Design on page 2***

I'm wondering if no one else has thought of this before?

I found a way to automatically dose my micros using an air pump and a bubble counter. I had all the items on hand already so it really didn't cost anything; however one can probably set forth and rig this up for around $40+-?

Let me explain:

Air pressure from a standard aquarium pump is used to pressurize a fert solution into a backwards confiigured bubble counter. This pressure forces the solution into the tank. The "drip" rate is controlled to a point with the air pressure from the pump- this is sort of like a "coarse" adjustment. The "fine" adjustment is done with a standard valve on the fluid side of the line. One can fill the bubble counter with the total amount of traces they want to dose for the week then add distilled water to fill the bottle to where the neck starts. I generally find a drip rate of 1 drip every 30-60 seconds will empty the contents of the bottle into the tank within a week, but I recommend one experiments with plain water first to get an idea of how it works.

I've been running this system now for about 3 weeks and must say I am quite pleased although one of the tougher things for me is getting the drip rate just right with the standard air valve on the fluild side. This has made for quite a bit of tinkering to get just right, but overall I think it's a feasible alternative to some of the other methods out there.

Let me know what you all think. Any questions?

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