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Originally Posted by h4n View Post
Looks like a nice start. I'm getting one for my birthday to! i'm gonig to do a moss wall also. I just started making/growing them yesterday.
thanks! i tried growing a wall of fissidens but that was taking forever to happen. from when i first started the tank until a week ago the fissiden wall only had a few leaflets coming out of the mesh that i had them in. so i decided to take it out, besides the mesh looked all yellow from the algae.

Originally Posted by diwu13 View Post
You can really use any moss to your liking. Xmas and flame will grow out more fluffy but I use Taiwan moss and it grows out to cover the SS mesh just as well.
yeah i figured, maybe when the little shrimplets get bigger i'll just rip of the xmas off the breeding tube and turn that into a wall. but i kind of want a different type of moss... i'm opened to more suggestions

Update: looks like the eggs are coming along nicely (knock on wood). its been 2+ weeks since i put them in the bubbler. for the most part the eggs all have eyes, they should pop soon.

On another note i found a fresh molted shrimp that has frayed antennae should i be worried about it? is there anything i should do?
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