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My First Planted Tank...Low Light 40B

I started this tank on Sept. 22nd, but I wasn't happy with it so I didn't post about it. Things are still far from perfect, but it has progressed enough that I'm not completely embarrassed by it now.

Tank: 40 breeder
Lighting: 2 dual Coralife t5no fixtures spaced far apart (started with one, then added a second later on)
Filter/PowerHead: AquaClear 110 and 425gph Koralia Nano
Substrate: Pool filter sand
CO2: none
Ferts: root tabs

Current Fauna:
9 Sterbai Cories
6 Orange Von Rio Tetras
1 Pearl Gourami
1 Longfinned L144 Pleco
1 Amano Shrimp
1 Spotted Nerite
1 Olive Nerite
1 Horned Nerite

Current Flora:
Java Moss
Anubias Nana
Trident Java Fern
Crypt Wendtii Green, Red, and Brown
Red Jungle Val
Italian Vals
Ludwigia Repens

Pics in Order shown:

Sept 22 (Day 1): I only had one light so the tank was pretty dark. A. Reineckii in this pic quickly melted away into nothing.

Oct 6: A Reineckii is gone. Lonely anubias whose name i cant remember removed. Added second light fixture. Java fern on right side is moved. Lots of C. Wendtii Green added.

Nov 1: Added Ludwigia Repens, Crypt Wendtii Red, and Red Jungle Val. The Red Jungle Val was really small so for now I just put it in front of the Italian Vals. Moved some crypts around and moved the Java fern yet again.

Also Nov 1. The moss rocks in the back of the tank were growing much better than the ones on the front left so I switched them around.

My pleco: just because I love it
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