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Originally Posted by Daximus View Post

Would they be ok with just one of those? The lights are independently switched.
1 light + his ability to move it up and down should probably work -but again, I would shoot for less light (a single T5HO can still get him too high for inconsistent DIY CO2)

Originally Posted by andymac View Post
I'm looking for a little more than low-med light, I want to grow a nice low carpet of eleocharis parvula.

so is even 65W of PC out of the question? I think that my DIY CO2 will suffice for a med-high light, I run three 2 liter bottles and change the bottles every two weeks (not all at once)
would do just fine in low-med light (a strain of DHG right?) I have a DIY 2x14w T5NO (~6" above tank) fixture on a 20L tank and had a carpet of DHG (just removed it because I wanted to go back to glosso -growing emersed in a windowsill for another month or two probably before I have enough to start)

people want to be in teh high light range too often without understanding what it really entails ...low-med light = freedom to make mistakes and TIME to correct them

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