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Originally Posted by andymac View Post
I've done a lot of research on lighting since buying a 20 gallon long (12 inches tall). Initially I wanted to go with a 2x24 watt T5HO Catalina fixture, but after reading a lot of horror stories on high light algae outbreaks, I'm not sure I'm ready for that realm of lighting yet.

This is what I'm currently thinking

would 130W of PC be less than or equivalent to 48W of T5HO? If 130W is too much, they have a 65W version.. which fixture would put me in the medium-high light range?

I would be going for 2 T5NO Coralife fixtures if they still made them...

I have DIY CO2 with EI fertilizing, and am aiming for a heavily planted tank. I do have the option of raising the lights up to about 12" above the tank. Thanks!
would be why high lighting is out for you

get a 2x14w T5NO fixture instead (you would be low-med)

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