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I'm interested in these endeavors too. I'm not going to attempt this myself until I move (in a few months) but am interested in seeing who has the most success with this. I too have reef tanks, and can see that it would be simple to get an amano growing tank going...

What kind o parameters are you going to raise them in?
Also a pic of your rearing tank wouldn't be boring at all, it coud show how its setup and what is in it (for example an air hose at least and the light)
The light is a 100W equivalent (CFL)?
You mentioned that you will be using 34ppt SW. Thats 1.026 SG right? you dont think that they will do better at slightly lower salinity? 1.026 is the upper range for reef lol.

Also is there a reason why you will not be using a heater? I hear the zoea grow better at about long as food is available.

Which brings me to the final question on what you will be feeding the zoea until they morph to shrimp?
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