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My journey for breeding Amano shrimp

Well I been researching for a while to find that many people have a hard time breeding Amano shrimps. People argued mild salinity and many have sucess with full salinity.

I noticed my pregnant female a week ago. So since the offspring are going to die in freshwater, I might as well spend a little money and try to see if I can raise them.

8.8 Gallon tank (borrowed from Alyssa) Free
Marine salt for 10 gallons $6
Salinity 33ppm via refractometer Free
no heater
21w home depot clamp light. Previously obtained

I personally think 34ppm would be better, lets hope its good enough. My ammano is looking great, and now I can start seeing black dots on the eggs...anytime soon.

Ill post pictures. But as of now a picture of water in a aquarium is kinda lame lol.
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