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Originally Posted by 150EH View Post
Green Water.
My UV sterilizer needs a bulb and new transformer so it's not working and my 150 gallon tank has gotten a serious outbreak of green water, I know there are issues with low flow and poor circulation in the tank so I deceide to buy a two pump & wave maker kit instead of fixing my UV unit, my green water is gone in just 2 days with good circulation while I watch other have problems for over a week using a UV sterilizer, so circulation is very important. I will fix my UV unit at some point but with budget problems I feel my priorities were in the correct order. BTW during this 2 day period I did reduce my photo period to 2 hours in the morning and 2 more in the evening and I quit EI dosing for the 2 days.

Thead Algae.
A couple of weeks later I got what I'm calling Thread Algae, it was long (3 to 5 inches) of single strands attached to plants and some plants started to get a light fuzz on the upright stems or leaves. For this I kept dosing EI and doing water changes and tried to keep the tank clean by removing threads with a very thin bottle brush and fluffing the plants by beating them lightly with a pair of small planting tongs so any light debris could be sucked up by the filters before re-settling on the plants, this now part of my daily routine. But what got rid of the Thead Algae was a big reduction in my photo period that is permanent, I have 2 light hoods on this tank and I reduced the weaker hood from 11 hrs. to 7.5 hrs. and the stronger lighting hood from 5 hrs. to 4 hrs. and this did the trick after trying many other things that did not work, so my lighting was really off. BTW the former lighting photo period had worked great with different plants in the tank but after a make over not as much light was required, so changes in plant material can effect the photo period greatly.

Good luck with your algae and please leave your experiences to help others.
Some may conclude that flow is the solution to algae. I think your success at solving the green water and thread algae problem may be more detailed than it sounds.

Dead spots can be a problem, in that bad junk accumulates and compounds over time. Aeration maybe limited and proper filtration is impaired. I suspect the two pump and wave maket kit, got the dead spots moving, perhaps stirred up sediment and mulm, improved aeration, and exposed all of the water to the filtration system which did its job, mechanically, biologically and chemically. Ultimately, I suspect the water quality improved, one of the basics to controlling algae.
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