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I did a major trim. These are pictures right before the trim, clean up, and water change. Ill take new pics tomorrow. The rotala butterfly in the left foreground is for my Mini M Hakkai stone Iwagumi.

right side

left side

I got this new wave point led light with a 3 gallon tank at reefapalooza, but its too blue its meant for salt water but it make a nice moon light. It has 12 1/4 wat LED's for a total of 3 watts. its 6 inches long and looks like a mini ADA light. But this light covers the entire 4 foot 120P as a moon light it looks fantastic. Im gonna buy the all white higher wattage light for my 3 gallon when it comes out in Dcember

Please comment and thanks for looking..

ADA 120P x2 Iwagumi ADA 75P, 60Px3, 30Cx3 ADA Mini S solar (LED) Mini M solar Do!aqua Mini M
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