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60W of LED will be close to around 1.5-2.5 time of your current light depending on the lens.

Without lens, to achieve med to high PAR for planted requires A LOT MORE POWER than 60W. I think 60W with 60 degree lens is a great choice in your case.

Expect ~$300 for a dimmable one.

The Revolutions Series looks like this
[IMG] Flickr 上 WingoAgencyRS1.0 Fixture on a 18x18x18 cube IMG_2036[/IMG]

The Grand Slam Series looks like this

Flickr 上 WingoAgencyGrand Slam A

I also noticed you asked about PAR bulbs. I have charted my PAR 38 6,700K(the brand you mentioned-I am happy to chart theirs too f some one local can lend me one) with 60 degree optics. You can match back the results with a sticky, I think from SN:Hobby so see how dense the bulbs you need.
[IMG] Flickr 上 WingoAgencyPAR38 15x1W WingoLED DayLight 6,700K PAR DATA[/IMG]
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