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Are these real?
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Really cool that you can schedule this via a web page. However, it looks like the default is 15 min time slots, which would need to be re-programmed for nutrient dosing, and possibly water changes.

$65 (plus S/H) isn't bad if you are into soldering, but it is twice as much as the DIG 8006. So, if you get two of the irrigation controllers for the same price, you can run 4 things at the same time, they have minute precision (without the need to buy more stuff to reprogram the MCU), are very flexible and easy to program, and allow a backup battery.

All in all, the standard irrigation controller seems to be a better choice if you are not 100% Wiz, or have a lot of time to learn Arduino/Optiboot/FTDI or how to burn a new bootloader using the AVR ISP while making sure the signature has the -F option. Other than that, it's a very flexible solution.

Perhaps soon we can buy a regular irrigation controller that can be programmed via wireless networking?
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