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Originally Posted by chad320 View Post
Yes, the greens have been in a Mini pellia tank that I just stripped in anticipation of a few new bags of AS. I will get a good pic of them up soon. Do you still have any giant snail eating shrimps? Maybe we could do a trade sometime. Ive got a raging pond snail problem in my main tank and they are eating holes in my crypt leaves so it time to fix it. I dont want a loach and assassins would eventually starve. As for a FTS of al of them, they never all look good at the same time so I never post all of them up
Wow...I hardly ever hear of anything eating crypt leaves. Those must be some crazy snails. I unfortunately only have one visible juvenile atm. There might be more tiny ones hiding but I sent all of my larger ones to Sara so you can bug her once the berried females drop their babies. I could grow the juvie to a giant size soon enough and send him to you though. They're quite efficient and hungry.

Is that mini bolbitis still with you? I haven't seen it pop up anywhere this past year.

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