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waiting is so hard!

I was infected by the planted tank bug and that has led me to wanting to do a shrimp tank (most likely a 40 breeder). Besides tank size I have nothing else figured out. I am planning on buying a home soon and do not want to have to move shrimp so I have been reading and reading about all kinds of shrimp in the meantime. Now im looking for suggestions from the masses.

I'm looking to start a planted shrimp breeding tank. No fish. I'm curious about doing moss. I've never had the pleasure. I think i'd like to do a cannister filter with a sponge over the intake. I'm not sure about co2 with certain shrimp. I want to do this right and have high grade shrimp but am not clear on how to use RO water to create the right water conditions for them to breed if what they need is out of range from where my tap water stands. My ph is at 7.5 and i have somewhat hard water. So thats it. If you finished reading all that I thank you and cant wait for some feedback!
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