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So a bit of an update as this tank been running for almost 3 weeks now. I had to pull the Anacharis as it was starting to die from the Flourish Excel I was adding to the tank. Not a big deal, I'll just find another plant to fill in the gaps. Maybe the Hornwort since that's been growing like crazy. I also JUST ordered all my macro fertilizers earlier in the week so they should be here either tomorrow or Saturday as I've noticed my swords aren't doing so hot right now. There are root tabs by them, which is helping, but the macro fertilzers will really help it grow. The tank water is discolored due to the driftwood added, but I'm OK with it. I will be doing a 90% water change before I add fish into it so the water is crystal clear.

Right now the tank is processing 4ppm of ammonia in a 24 hour period so I'm getting really close to being cycled.

So full tank shot (disregard the discolored water as I will be doing a water change here soon):

Here is my Crypt Wendtii. This stuff is growing pretty damn quick too. Some of this might actually end up in the SnS as I took 1 BIG plant and split it up into 11 smaller plants, but those are starting to get big themselves

Finally my Wisteria which is LOVING the dirt. Some of this might end up in the SnS as well once it starts getting bigger

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