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Finnex Four Gallon: $18 (tank only)-$70 ~shipping not included in listed price, this set up is dependant on which one you would prefer, from tank only, to tank with canister filter and clip on lamp~
Tank Dimensions: 12 3/8 x 8 x 10 inches~4 Gallons
Tank Contents: ~varies depending which tank package you would like to obtain~
Tank only- $18.99
Tank and HOB filter- $27.99
Tank, HOB filter, and 21 LED light- $39.99
Tank, HOB filter, and 6500k bulb lamp/moonlight combo (of your color choices): $49.99
Tank, HOB filter, and RGB LED light: $49.99
Tank and canister filter: $49.99
Tank, refugium HOB (saltwater), and 6500K bulb lamp/moonlight combo: $59.99
Tank, Cansiter filter, and 6500K Bulb lamp/moonlight combo (of your color choices):$69.99
(Note: these prices are from their Ebay store, actually site store may be more expensive, is shipping dependent, and not all kits are available on their site store)

I can't list the pros and cons of this tank as i have no experience with this set up, but i was considering this tank at some point, but went with the Flora from above. If you have any experiences with this tank, please do post your pros, cons, and any other notes about this tank.

It's been a while since i've updated this information. Anyways they've upgraded their tanks to low-iron glass so prices has gone up.
Tank with filter and clip light: $39.99
Tank with filter and Fuge Ray light: $71.99

They also have another tank set called Schuber Wright. It's the same low iron tank but with a custom light base, rated at 6500k~2 13watt bulbs.
Price for tank and light base is $109.99. You can choose to add one of three available filters ranging from $10-$35 as well.

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