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Originally Posted by Newman View Post
yes, just make sure this is in a room that gets constant heat. set the house thermostat to at least 70F and the cherry shrimp will be fine. after you breed good amounts of cherries in this bowl, and its all lush and green, then you should move on to crystals (keep in mind that they require soft water, so likely you'll have to at least use distilled water, re-mineralized with something like Mosura mineral plus.
At one gallon for about $1 or less, that will likely last you for 2-3 weeks, Water changes are not very expensive for 1 gal bowls lol.
But while you're keeping cherries, you can just use tap water for WCs.

I also recommend that you get some dwarf hairgrass for this bowl.
Okay thanks! The thermostat stays at 75F and no one touches it. And my living room stays warm.
I was going to get some Dwarf Hairgrass, but at the LFS it didn't look good. The only thing they had lush and overbearing was the Amazon Swords and Baby Tears. I am not a fan of the Crystal Reds, but I love the blues!

P.S. Looking for some small forceps or needle nose pliers to decorate it!

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