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My 2.5 Gallon Tank

So I started a 2.5 gallon tank. I going to try and make this a shrimp only tank. Maybe 1 otto for algae. Substrate is Flora max but will probably add some Fluva shrimp substrate on top. So far I have HC, M.Minuta, and DW lettuce. May switch out the lettuce for Salvinia Minima (thanks chris.rivera3 for the raok). Have some rocks and wood. I am thinking of taking out either the rocks or wood or both and replace with chola wood instead. Using a Toms mini internal filter and for now a fluval 13 watt compact clip on light. I will be switching out this light with an indescent light strip but with a 10 watt flourescent 6500k bulb when it comes in.

Just planted top view:

Side view:

Side view filled with water:

I put aged tank water and some gunk from an established tank to help with the cycle. Once it gets cycled and I get the parameters to where I want it, I will but the shrimp in. Probably will go with RCS. Will provide updates as time goes on.

Any comments, suggestions, advice are welcomed!

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