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Post Nanos on a Budget

I've always had trouble researching setups locally or online for that "perfect" or almost perfect all in one setup with little or no change from stock equipment until there is more disposable income later on. So I'm here today to help others who want to set up a nano on a budget, assuming that your budget will be around $200 minimum for a low tech nano. With the help of TPT community, let's try to help out the new comers to this hobby, as I have yet to see a thread for suggestions on good all in ones or assemble it yourself on a budget assuming that they know of cycling. So I'll start this out with some sets.
~On another note I am not in any way affiliated to any of these companies or their products, these are just some examples to get new comers started~

Fluval Ebi/Flora: $80-$150~best to shop around online~
Tank Dimensions: 11.8 x 11.8 x 13.8 inches ~7.9 gallons
Contents: Tank, background insert (pre-siliconed) corner protector/glass lid holder, 13w 6400k Fluval compact florescent lamp, Fluval Nano internal filter, alcohol based thermometer, tank mat, care guide, and tank specific items (see below)

Ebi specific:Fluval Stratum Shrimp substrarte, telescopic shrimp net, 2 oz Fluval Shrimp Safe (dechlorinator), 2 oz Fluval Shrimp Mineral Supplement, and 1.2 oz Fluval Shrimp Granules

Flora specific: Fluval Stratum substrate, planting tongs, Mini Pressurized CO2 System (20g disposable CO2 cartridge, cartridge holder, bell diffuser, silicone tubing, and turn on/off valve), and 1 oz Nutrafin Plant Gro

Pros: at 7.9 gallons, it's footprint is quite small, contains quite a bit of items if you're on a budget: tank, filter, lighting, substrate, and others, is warranted up to 2 years of defects

Cons: earlier models had lighting issues; quick bulb burn outs and bulbs are fluval brand only, filter can be noisy due to improper seating of impeller or air trapped in the system, the filter is prone to falling apart due to poor design; media chamber is easily dislodged from seating, background may have the potential to float up (is foam), tank is susceptible to damage from shipping/transporting to home~may be shipper/supplier fault though~

Additional purchases to consider: the provided substrate has a thin spread so another bag may be purchased, a thermostat/heater, a siphon, fish net(s), dechlorinator, appropriate foods for you future fishes/intervebrates

Other notes: The provided filter will vary with success from one person to another so you may also want to consider a hang on the back filter for this one down the road when you have some disposable income for some upgrades, but doing so renders the lid to become useless. For a higher light output, an additional lamp can be used in conjuncture with the current set up.

There are many other great all in one or assemble it yourself set ups under a $200 margin, and I hope this thread will help out the casual owners and hobbyist on researching possible set up, especially if you're on a budget. So that's one of my input, if you have any to add, please do, the more information, the better. Links are also welcomed.
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