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29 gal DSM Start

-Update 2012-1-7 I need some smaller stones to ad some depth to this scene. :\ any one wan a trade a handful of small ones for a big one? I would like to smash a big one but i feel like i would be destroying the purpose of harmonizing.

Hey all
This is my first real post on this site about my tank. Please tell me if I am doing something wrong...
Sorry don't have pics of the first day... or the lay out plan... kinda piss poor planning I guess.

This tank used to look like this

Then I got tired of the Dwarf hair grass taking so long so I tried the walstad meathod.

I know... Ugly... I was trying for a walstad method... but failed because I
1) Didn't mix shells or crushed coral in
2) Was impatient and didn't wash the dirt or screen it for all the trash in side...

So here are the specs:
29 Gal tank from Aqueon
Versa-top hood
Fluval plant stratum err bout 16 pounds?
Recycled Eco complete (separated the dirt and eco complete by rinsing... ALOT)
Aquatop CF-500
4x39watt wave-point lamp with 2 10000k bulbs and 2 6500 bulbs
no co2 atm but I'm expecting a reg, diffuser and... am looking for a tank...
I plan on having hc, Eleocharis Belem
and stones later

I realize that I probably should not have have layered the stratum on top of the eco complete... but what done is done... T___T

Day 4 of my dry start. I added a few more stems of HC that I took out of my Mini-S...

Mini-s that I pulled the hc from... that is sitting near my kitchen sink...

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