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Okay so last night I had a little mishap with the sump. Went to get something out of the first chamber with the filter floss and the wall washed away. Oh well that means I get to pull it all out and build it again, better. Well with me having a 29g sump in the stand the only way it can come out is straight through the top.
Drained the tank after a week of cycling and pulled the sump out. I went to Lowes today on lunch and picked up a gate valve I wanted to put in anyway and some new silicone.
I rebuilt the sump better than I originally built it. The 1st version was 3 chambers and on set up one baffle washed out. Oh well I was eager to press on. Well now it has 4 chambers. Done alot of reading on sumps the last 2 days and got a better idea of how I wanted to build it.
Sorry for the random typing and rambling. I will post some pictures tomorrow. I plan to have the sump back in place with all the plumbing reworked/replaced tomorrow evening and water back in by Wednesday.

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