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I think the biggest challenge I'm going to face is aquascaping this tank since Ive never really done plants before I am having some trouble picking plants and seeing the design in my head. I'm thinking I want to do some kind of sand path that wraps around into some kinda like rock cave. I plan on using some kind of flexible plastic to separate the play sand and the eco complete then i want to line the edges of that with some kind of smooth rock standing up, almost like fence posts, to help keep stuff from mixing together. I have a nice piece of drift wood that I picked up online that should stick up out of the water just a little bit. I've had the wood curing in a 35g brute trash can that I used to mix salt water in for almost a month now. Looks like most of the tannins are out of it and it doesn't seem to be producing any smell in the water any more. Ive probably used a pound or two of carbon while curing it, But I have 2 5 gallon buckets left over from a group buy I did in so cal for 50lb bags back when I was reefing. Here are a few pictures of the manzanita wood that will be going in the tank.

From the front

From the top
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