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40g Breeder HI-Tech Firt attempt'ish - 56k beware Pic heavy

Hey everyone I figured I would start a build log for my tank since I've never done one before so here we go.

Quick history I spent quite a few years doing the salt water reef bit and when I made my move to Las Vegas I had to tear it down and have been basically tank less for like 4 years. Reef Tank pic's for those of you that are interested. Ive had a little 12g nano cube with some shrimp and plants but nothing special. But now its on to the fun stuff.

So like the title says I am doing a 40 gallon Breeder sized tank 36"Lx18"Wx16"H. This really is an awesome size for a tank, simply because you have a lot of options as far as scape goes. I Got the tank from A big box store during one of the 1$ per gallon sales at the end of September. It took me some time but I found an awesome local guy from the vegas reef club that was willing to build me a custom stand for this bad boy. It took about 3 weeks to get everything finished and get it home but it was worth the wait, no questions asked. I did want some fairly specific things after dealing with my 135g reef tank. I wanted a canopy that would fold in half back onto itself, I wanted the tank stand to sit flush with the wall and I wanted 1 large door into the stand. Another thing I wanted was a tall stand, the stand is 37 1/2" tall including trim to cover the tanks black trim. I really wanted the tanks trim to be hidden by the stand and canopy also Greg(my build guy) was able to mount a switched power center underneath the stand so I don't have a power strip sitting in there that has the wire Medusa coming out of it. Now the best part is always the pictures in these kinds of threads so I wont keep you waiting.

I Painted the back of the tank with Krylon fusion gloss black

From the rear.

And from the front

Here is the start of the stand frame.

Getting the stand paneled.

Stand skinned and door cut for mounting.

More to come
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