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Looks great! You're seriously tempting me

Since you have access to the new models... and the old one as well I presume, can you do me a favor and snag some measurements for me next time you have one apart?

Specifically, I'd like to know if the two screw holes on the legs of the light fixture that attach to the rear upright filter housing are the same distance apart on the new model as they are on the old one... also, are they the same distance apart on both sizes of the new model (the 6 gal and the 10gal)?

You see, Hagen has promised us that the new LED lightbar will be available eventually as a replacement part and I'd like to be able to buy it for use on my old model Edge. Before I decide what to order, I'd like to know if both LED lightbars (the one for the 10gal and the one for the 6gal) are the same size, thus enabling the installation of the higher output LED from the 10 gal onto my old model 6 gal.

Does this make sense? If you can do this that would be amazing!

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