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3 Fluval Edge shop displays

We just got the new fluval edge 2 were i work. its got twice the volume as the old one with the same footprint which makes it a bit difficult to scape. it also has LED lights which seem a lot better than the halogens, but i still wouldn't say it's a high light tank.

i would have liked to create more height with the wood but i didn't have much time to play with hardscape. we just stocked up on goldvine so i used it here to hopefuly boost goldvine sales. i went through heaps of pieces trying to find ones that would fit into the hole at the top of the tank. a guy brought in some mystery moss into store the other day so i used that on the base of the wood and on some rocks around the front. the plants behind the moss are crypt sp, in the middle behind the wood is crypt retrospiralis and a species of dwarf val.

2 small bits of goldvine



the next day

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