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In need of some tips and opinions

Okay, I own a 5.5 gallon tank and decided that I wanted to raise Red Cherry Shrimp and try breeding them.

And this is the first time I've really owned an aquarium (with plants and sand substrate). So here are my questions:

1. Because my substrate is sand and will hence have no benefits to plants. Will the plants in my tank be okay? Or will I need to purchase those bottles of ferts and nutrients for them. I was hoping the waste from the shrimp would be enough (am I wrong?)

I got hardy plants because I didn't want to kill a plant in my tank. Can my plants handle my aquarium set up?


2. Now that I have baby shrimp in my tank (success!) will I need to buy any BioPlus products? or is the Java Moss and outside food I give them enough... I feed every 3 days (2 if I'm bored and I feel like treating them)

I feed Hikari Wafers and Shrimp Cuisine & Fluval Granules

3. I kind of want some sort of floating plant in my tank because I thought it felt empty... Does anyone have any recommendations? I was thinking about Duck Weed (discuss please) but I heard they are the "herpes of aquariums" and that they might compete over the other plants in the tank over nutrients (which I'm already concerned about)

Can anyone suggest me any floating plants that are hardy and are good at maintaining good water quality? or any other plants I could get that might benefit Red Cherry Shrimp?

Thanks for reading, and replies are greatly appreciated.

Picture of Tank:

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