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Originally Posted by manualfocus View Post
Looking good! I'm starting my own Fluval Edge journal soon! I'm no Iwagumi guru or anything, but I personally think you have too many rocks. Maybe take out two or three?

Originally Posted by Soundwav2010 View Post
Anyways back on topic, love the layout, I think the only problem I could see down the road is that your rocks will be swallowed when your plants fill in. Other than that good luck with the shrimps.
I'm actually hoping that the plants will overgrow the rocks... my original vision was of lots of green with just the peaks of the petrified wood poking out here at there. I think that will also fix the impression that there are too many rocks.

Of course, manualfocus might be right... I may decide in a few weeks that there are too many. For right now though I'm not going to make any sudden changes, if only because the only real place in the tank that the plants are thriving is on the rocks. If I take them out I will be left with a lot of space and some not-so-great looking parva.

Originally Posted by 150EH View Post
The tank looks nice, are you using any Excel or it that dirty word around this type of shrimp.
I am dosing a bit of Excel (about 2ml) about 3x week. Its definitely helping the plants so I plan on continuing to do so unless I notice any problems with the shrimp- in which case I will stop immediately. I dose it daily in my 30 gallon and the RCS in there breed like flies. I am however slightly concerned about this tank since it is much smaller, but I do feel that Excel is safer and easier to countermeasure than CO2 should a problem arise.

Originally Posted by 150EH View Post
BTW the white platic mesh looks fine after it gets covered, but floating can be a problem unless your using it as a wall with suction cups. I also like the way they do it here moss wall and more
Originally Posted by mcqueenesq View Post
I love the whole thing! Your moss looks great. How did you attach it to the rocks?
I attached the moss to the rocks with hair nets... works pretty awesome, you can barely tell its there unless you look real close- of course, my less than awesome camera helps this out too

@150EH I did consider plastic mesh but have decided to go another route. This past week I've been slowly reassembling a moss carpet and deploying it in the tank. I'll be posting an update soon about this once I'm done so check back. Its a tedious process that I have developed but I'm happy with it and think that it looks MUCH better than the plastic mesh!

Originally Posted by ncharlie View Post
Amazed at how pretty the plants are.

My plants in my edge look sick.

Even though I have an LED upgrade plus a another light source.

I am probably starving them of nutrients.

I was wondering what to do with my Edge 6 gallon when I get an Edge 12 gallon.

Probably turn it into a shrimp tank too!
What kind of plants do you have in your tank? They may just not be cut out for lower light.

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