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I thought I would give you all a little report of these stores because I have delt with all of them alot and well have lots of info on them.

Fish Freaks (108th & Q'ish) - Amazing place, all his fish are kept healthy and the store is CLEAN, hes a really good guy. I get all my fish from him and anything else I need. Iv ordered many types of fish from him and they are always fantastic and he has GREAT prices. Honestly theres no other place worth shopping for fish. He also just got into saltwater and has very nice saltwater fish now.

Aqua Pets (108th & Maple) - This place is really dirty, Every time I go in theres dead fish just laying in the bottom of their tanks. EVERYTHING is extremely over priced and they are rather rude, especially the owner. Hes nice as long as your interested in buying something expensive. They sell used things I went in to look at a used 3 stage Ro/Di filter and he wanted 80$ for it and 120$ for new filters, the system brand new is 140$ every other place iv seen it. The only thing I can say is that sadly if you're into saltwater they have the largest selection of fish and corals.

Petland (120th & Center) - Honestly this is an upgraded Petco, the dudes that work there don't really know all that much about fish even thought they claim they do. They gave me a ton of wrong information about fish while I was planning my stock. also their tanks are just nasty and look like they are 40 years old and never cleaned, you can hardly see the fish.

After saying everything I am a loyal Fish Freaks customer because hes the only fish store owner that truly cares about the way his business looks and really knows his fish. He also works with customers well and gets you anything you need even if he doesn't carry it. The guy got me a 75Gallon tank for 130$ (not saying he can do this whenever). Tank raised cardinal tetras for 2$, opposed to every other store who has wild caught ones that just die in a few weeks.

Go check out fish freaks and you to will be very happy with what you see and the service you receive
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