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Originally Posted by GoldenTetra View Post
Ooh and look at the newbie mistake we made... We never tried to put the filter on the back of the tank before we filled it. Low and behold we're missing a freakin 1/2 inch to be able to slide it behind the tank so for right now its on the side, I guess the tank will be getting a 50% water change much sooner than necessary so we can slide the sucker out a bit more because as of right now my light doesn't fit ontop of the tank... so thats the plan for this weekend YAYYY! lol
Lol I did the same thing. Only I was too excited to get my tank going that I said effff it and got a little side table for my canister filter. one of these days I'll do an 80% water change and arrange everything correctly. Also as far as your plants go you might want to get alot of fast growing plants ASAP or some duckweed/nutrient suckers bc those poor little anubias plants are going to be covered with algae(that's another mistake I made)
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