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Yay for plants! I spent $40 (Tax incl.) on 4 plants today lol, I don't mind though because I would prefer to support my LFS even if it is a bit more expensive because #1 its a petstore that doesn't sell puppies or kittens and thus doesn't support puppy mills (HUGE bonus in my eyes) and #2 the two employees - yeh only two! - Both know their stuff about fish and aquariums, its worth the extra dollar

So, I got 2 anubias and 2 java ferns. Ooh and I bought some batteries for the camera so here are some actually GOOD pictures, no more crappy cell phone pics

The waters still a little murky, but everything seems to be settling nicely and I'm liking the look so far, can't wait for the plants to grow in nice and full but everything comes with time lol. If anyone has some suggestions for plants that I could put in the back that will grow tall (keeping in mind that this is going to be a low tech tank) I'm all for hearing them! I also plan on putting together some kind of background this week whether it be simple cork board attached to the back or fabric, or even a bought picture-type, we'll see

Ooh and look at the newbie mistake we made... We never tried to put the filter on the back of the tank before we filled it. Low and behold we're missing a freakin 1/2 inch to be able to slide it behind the tank so for right now its on the side, I guess the tank will be getting a 50% water change much sooner than necessary so we can slide the sucker out a bit more because as of right now my light doesn't fit ontop of the tank... so thats the plan for this weekend YAYYY! lol
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