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Originally Posted by Bradleyv1714 View Post
Love the hermit crabs! I have been looking at getting one but I don't know if they would eat my fish or what they would eat...

pm me if you have any info please.
Will send a pm as well, but figured to benefit my readers, I would post some info here as well.

Like alot of beginners in the hobby, I impulse bought these crabs, loving the way they moved in the tank at the LFS. I just bought them, acclimated them as I did the rest of the fish, and threw them in there. Never, was I thinking about the way these needed to be kept. Stupidly, I thought, "They were in his aquarium and will look awesome in my bigger tank."

Come to find out, after researching them (unfortunately after I bought them), I learned that they will only survive short-term in an aquarium setting like I have. They need MUCH more than I am currently providing, and willing to provide at this time.

First of all, these guys need SALT! They CAN survive in freshwater for a short time, but prefer brackish to salty water. My tank will be heavily planted and I am not willing to add salt just to be able to keep these guys, and risk losing all my plants.

Apparently, these guys also like to root in sand, and will actually bury themselves in it for periods of time. The sand in my tank is only around 3/4ths of an inch deep, and I cannot add more without the risk of ruining my scape by having a huge sand pile in it.

Fiddler crabs also like to get out of the water for awhile and just sun themselves. While my wood does stick out of the water, and I have seen them using it quite frequently, I am not so sure it will suffice enough to keep these guys going strong.

The moral of this story? I will either be getting rid of these guys, or buying a little riparium set I seen on Craigslist earlier.

BradleyV, these guys will eat small fish and things. I just got a bunch of Guppies to try to keep them from eating my other fish I want to keep.

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