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Originally Posted by nalu86 View Post
Tank looks awesome!
I love the 2 feet deep and 21 high, perfect dimensions.
How are the fish doing? With all your fish it still looks empty on those pics
This tank is alright, for now. My perfect tank would be like your 125 you have going with your DSM, which should be awesome when done , BTW. I just cannot achieve much depth with this tank to save my life. I am now, between checking TPT, trying some other things in there to better achieve the look I am going for.

The fish are all doing great, and get along better every day, since realizing they don't have to compete for food with each other. I keep threatening to get a video, but have just been busy lately with kids, my club, getting my scape just right, and Fall yardwork that I just haven't felt like doing it. I was going to get a video of my Fiddler Crab riding the back of my Apple Snail, but couldn't fing the stupid camera I guess I left it out and the kids got ahold of it, no doubt. Either that or the wife hid it to try to teach me a lesson It is, afterall, her camera

It does still look really bare, doesn't it? It looks LOTS better in person, but in the pics the fish just disappear. The Angels and the tiger Barbs, I know, will get bigger. Because of that I don't know if I should get more fish or not, so I think I'll just wait and see. I am working on getting some shrimps though!

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