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Who here is from around the Evansville, IN area?

Is any one on here from around Evansville? If so where is your favorite place to shop for the hobby around here? And how many tanks, and what do you have in them?

My favorite place to shop is Pet Food Center, but Harps and occasionally Aquarium Concepts work too.

10 Gallon:
2 guppies
5 ghost shrimp
dwarf hair grass
amazon sword

30 Gallon:
4 pristilla tetras
4 neon tetras
2 guppies
2 pit bull plecos
3 peppered corydoras
dwarf hair grass
amazon swords

55 gallon:
1 green severum
1 gold severum
3 firemouth cichlids
3 columbian tetras
1 black skirt tetra
1 sepia tetra
1 common pleco
( This aquarium is a recent addition and I had to take all of the fish from the previous owner and have not had time to rehome any yet.)
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