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I have run it both ways...plugged and through powerhead.
When it was plugged it did well without water flow through tube... PH with plug drops to 6.8 from 7.1 baseline...
When I put it through powerhead my PH now goes to 6.6 and pretty much maintains.
If you look closely you can see the CO2 "pocket " in the tube just above the outlet to powerhead... the angle of the stack head will not allow it to fill more... it will release a 1 large bubble out and stay at that level. Not all powerheads have that air intake option though Ive noticed.
This also doubles as a great bubble counter... very visible.

So far so good though... before this the ole bowl method only got me to 6.9... I guess its the square inches of CO2 in contact with water thats helping out...
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