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Originally Posted by speedie408 View Post
SMOKIN pics bro! I really like that first BKK shot. It's just habit I guess but what DSLR are you shooting with? What lense?
nothing fancy, just a T1i, with the stock lens and no flash - just the tank light and whatever ambient light is around. I set the aperture/ISO based on the current conditions and how the first couple of shots turn out after viewing them on the camera. With manual focus, I zoom close and hold the shutter until the little red points beep, then take the shot. Most of the time it's only focused on one part (I try to aim for the head), that's why in my photos usually only one part is in focus while the rest is blurry . Honestly, I don't have a full understanding of photography yet; something lets more light in, something is the distance from the object to the lens, etc..? Complete noob, gotta read up and hopefully catch up to ya!

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