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Originally Posted by kribkeeper888
Go with ottos for sure I have 10 ottos with angels and a knife fish! They also do an amazing job of keeping my tank clean, my BN plecos ate all the algea and then decided to eat my plants after that, and as for chianese algea eaters, mine got to 5 inches and started to destory everything but the peaceful little ottos school everywhere and keep plants clean as well as the glass
Good to know about the otos. I figured since they were so small that the angels will eat them, but if you are having no problems, I might just put otos in. No fish in yet though as the tank is still cycling. Might be another week before fish can go in.

Originally Posted by Hcancino
Tank looks good! After seeing yours and reading about kribkeepers I'm going to be starting a journal on my marineland 60 gallon to
Thanks! I've noticed some plant growth already and its only been a week! I'm so excited! My Swords are looking OK, but I did just start dosing ferts a few days ago since I just got them in. Hopefully the Swords will shape up

New pics will be put up once I put some fish in

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