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My Hate Tank. A tale of transforming my 5.5 gallon impulse buy. (56k)

*Go Back For Better And Updated Pictures*

I'll admit it.. I'm not crazy about too many tanks.. It weird me out a little when I see 5 tanks in a living room... So why did I buy this 5.5 gallon.. Was it cause I wanted it? Because it was 5 dollars? Did I have a secret plan for it?

Everything about it is something I hate... Its glass, hate that. Its not round in any way. Hate that.. The silicone job is terrible... Hate that. But I bought it anyways.. because I needed it...
I'll also admit, if thats the feeling I'm gonna keep getting every time theres a cheap tank on sale, I might end up with 5 tanks in my living room.

I have another tank. A 6.6 gallon. Its everything I love. Sleek, sexy, beautiful, simple. Yet somehow I feel much more wholly and emotionally invested in this tank. This tank of hate.

When I got home I looked at it and went.. why did I buy this? I could still feel a sort of manic thrill in the back of my neck when I looked at it. It was cheap, which isn't a bad thing. What was bad is that it looked cheap.
So I had a thought. I'm getting a 60 gallon in December, Why don't I practice the look I want, but in a nano? Brilliant I thought.

First things first then.. The background... For my larger tank I planned on doing a dark slate background. So I went out and got some grey slate. Smashed it to bits and started siliconing it on. It looked great. But then the manic thrill crept back into my spine, soon leading to a sort of hilarity.

I couldn't stop. I needed to make it whole, cohesive, clean. All the cracks had to be filled, covered by more slate. Till there was no passage to the glass on the other side. It became an obsession.
I went to bed without a second glance at it... When I woke up... I woke up to one of the worse tragedies to happen to a tank. Aesthetically that is. A horribly done, messy awful in cohesive background.
I'm trying to remain positive. Cheer myself on. It's ok I thought. Just stick some moss or something over the parts you dont like!!
So now my concentration is figuring out what to put on my wall. Fissidens.. Or mini pellia? I'm thinking mini pellia on the wall and fissidens on the driftwood.
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