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my 75G newbie build...

Criticism is welcome lol.

I've had this tank for nearly a month now and I've always thought that it was a 70 gallon until we measured it today and realized its a 75 gallon.. Not a huge difference, but it was a nice bonus lol.

I want to do this journal so that I can get some help along the way as this will be my first planted tank, but also so that other newbies can learn from my mistakes because I'm sure there will be plenty! Best way to learn I guess...

the plan...
My goal is to have a low tech tank with no CO2 and only using root tabs if necessary.

So far, I have no plants and no hardscape and tons of ideas lol (I'm going to go searching for some nice branches and rocks tomorrow and will post pics of my finds!)

The filter I'm using is an Aquaclear 110

The lighting (which I almost forgot to discuss lol) is a 48" 108W 2x54 Fluorescent T5 HO Hood with 6700K output ~ I've been told that this is potentially too much lighting depending on the reflector and distance between the light and the substrate... Heres where error may come into play, I'm going to try it out to see, the depth of my tank is only 20" so, that would mean that there is about approximately 18 inches of space between the substrate and the light (figuring for 4" of substrate and 2" between the light and the actual aquarium (could be even more, I'm guestimating)... The recommendation I got in another thread was for 30" between the light and the substrate, so I'm going to try it hoping my reflector isn't anything special, and if it is, I'll try to adjust my photoperiod or just one of the two bulbs... Trial and error (JOY!)

The substrate is going to be Miracle Gro Organic Potting Mix capped with Black Diamond Blasting Sand.

The livestock we intend to keep are a mixture of the following:
  • Cardinal Tetras
  • Diamond Tetras
  • Blue Emporer Tetras
  • Red Cherry shrimp (would LOVE these if they are possible... not sure if they work in this type of community tank?)
  • Malaysian Trumpet Snails
  • ++always open to opinions about the livestock (and everything else to! lol)
So... I guess without further adieu, we'll move on to some pictures...

This is what we started with:

Look at those nasty green rocks! Well, nasty is a big word, they may suit someone else's setup, but certainly not mine, so I sold them. The rest of the stuff in there was a red bucket I'm assuming it was used to clean the tank. There is a water syphon and the filter that you can see there as well as a light bar on the top of the tank, what you can't see is a bubble maker, a heater, and a thermometer and I guess I could add that you can't really see the two glass pannels that act as a tank topper. We paid $170 for the tank, stand and all accessories, it probably doesn't sound like much of a deal to you folks in the States (because I find that I can usually find things going for what I consider to be really good prices down your way *thankfully I live close enough to the border that these low prices are useful for me to!!*) but here in Quebec, its almost unheard of, every other tank this size I looked at started at $350.

Heres a picture of the tank after its been emptied of rocks and we've started scraping to reseal it:

Someone had previously tried to reseal it using a type of black silicone... Luckily for me, I had you guys here on the forum to tell me what type of silicone to use, and I'm confident that not only will the seal hold, but the silicone wont affect the health of my fish. I used GE Silicone I Windows & Doors which was hard to find here in Quebec, but I did find it!

Heres the tank all taped up and ready for silicone:

And thats all I've got for you guys today, I'm giving the silicone until Monday to dry. Tomorrow I'll go hunting for some things to use in my hardscape and I'll post some pictures of what I find, and then Monday I'll be adding the substrate along with my finds and hopefully filling the tank!
I'll have to wait a few days before I can add my plants as I only ordered my light fixture yesterday.

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