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Originally Posted by Hoppy View Post
So, I know the whole world, along with me, is waiting to find out if the blue tape is still a dominant feature of the design. If not, were you able to find something that looks even better, and what was it?
The problem that I've found with blue tape is that it's not particularly durable. After some time, the adhesive loses also sometimes the tape tears if you pull too hard. I feel that anyone who wishes to travel my road should know that before they begin.

With that said, I can now say that blue tape satisfies the core DIY requirements: cheeep, eeeasy, and eeeefective. I just bought a second roll of it for less than the price of even one metal knob. My wife wishes to add (insert dripping sarcasm) that any of you who are trying to sell this approach to your spouses should remember that there are different colors available.
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