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Originally Posted by ang lou View Post
I have some questions
Ive kept ghost shrimp but at the time didnt mind if my fish were not breeding im now working on a planted tank and wouldnt mind if my fish breed i read ghost shrimp will eat fry and red cherry shrimp will not. Is this true?

as well i read that red cherry shrimp are good algae eaters will they eat the dying parts of plants as well?

im not getting any super aggressive fish and the bottom of the tank will have plants for them to hide in as well so they will be safe from everything i just wanna know if any fry will also be safe from them
Ghost shrimp are more aggressive than RCS or other dwarf shrimp as their claws grow to be much larger. When I kept ghost shrimp with RCS I saw a ghost shrimp eating a RCS twice, before I took out all the ghost shrimp. I am sure they will snack on a fry that gets too close to them.

RCS are will eat algae and eat dying parts of plants, as well as left over food. If you keep RCS with your fish, your fry will definitely be safe. However, the baby shrimp will not. But with enough hiding places the RCS will still be able to outbreed the predatation.
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